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How to measure

For the person being measured:

1. The person being measured should preferably wear the same (swim)suit as used when diving or surfing.
2. Please stand straight, with your legs slightly apart and be patient.
3. Take a good breath and hold it while the Bust/Chest, Waist & Stomach measurements are taken.
4. Keep your face straight ahead, with your eyes and head leveled. It is important that you do not look down, as it will create an error in some of the measurements. This is a common cause of measurements not being correct. Therefore it can not be overemphasized: look straight ahead!

For the person doing the measuring:

1. You will need a measuring tape, a pencil, two magazines and some patience.
2. Arm and leg measurements should be taken on the dominant points of the joints.
3. Measuring tape should be snug, neither loose nor tight.
4. Please note that many of the measurements connect from one point to the next point. You can leave one end of the measuring tape in place and advance to the next measurement point.
5. Take the time to actually mark the measuring points on the body. This can be done with a felt tip pin, masking tape, or chalk. One very important point to mark is the proper Crotch Point / Inside Leg. This can be done by having the person being measured hold a magazine between their legs where it fits comfortably in the crotch. Then place another magazine horizontally across the first magazine, holding it perfectly leveled. At the point where the second magazine intersects the upper leg, make a dot. This dot will designate the crotch point. It is extremely important that the person is standing straight while this point is being determined.
6. Please find some graphics on the attached illustration page to help you to visualize and to understand how some measurements have to be taken.
7. The rule of “measure twice, cut once” should be strictly followed.
8. Contact us if you have any questions on a measurement or anything else.

Download a PDF of the measurement guide here


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